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Polka World Today ® KLTF AM960 Radio 16405 Haven Road, Little Falls, MN 56345
The Best in Polkas on KLTF AM960 Radio, Little Falls, MN
Join us every Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00AM for your favorite Polkas and Waltzes played by the best bands in the country and some of that home town Polka Music right here in Minnesota. The listeners of the show can participate by requesting songs for birthdays, anniversaries and get well wishes. Just use our request line 320-632-2306!

​35 Years of Polkas
since July 15th, 1984!!
Polka World Today Live Streaming to your computer on Sunday and KLTF at other times, follow this link: http://us7.maindigitalstream.com/2617/

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It's out 35th year on the air in Central Minnesota, 2019!